Marc_WimpeeMarc Wimpee MD is the Medical Director at La Esperanza Health and Dental, a federally qualified health center (FQHC). The clinic’s mission is to serve the health needs of those that have no access to healthcare.

As a medical professional, Marc is widely known for having an excellent bedside manner, while also being an exceptional communicator. He makes it a point to be certain his patients are comfortable and understanding of their current conditions. This is one of the reasons why Marc enjoys his work as a doctor. He also enjoys the simple fact that he is making a positive impact on his patients

Additionally, Marc is the Chairman of a local chapter through the Texas Medical Association Committee on Physician Health and Rehabilitation, a position he has held for the past seven years.

Marc Wimpee MD – Early Life

Born in Harrisburg, Illinois, Marc Wimpee MD later moved to Texas with his parents at the age of three to the San Angelo area. At a young age, Marc wasn’t interest in becoming a doctor. It wasn’t until he was a high school student working as an assistant at a local emergency room that he decided to dive into the medical world to help people in need. Marc would continue to work as a laboratory technician and an emergency room technician in San Angelo full-time throughout college.

Marc Wimpee MD – Education

Marc Wimpee MD received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Texas Tech University School of Medicine in May of 1983.  He would then complete an internship with Lubbock General Hospital the following year. His residency took place at The Texas Tech University Health Science Center(TTUHSC) in the Department of Orthopedics from 07/1983 – 07/88. . His medical rotations took place at Ben Taub (Houston, TX), Veterans Hospital (Houston, TX), Methodist Hospital (Houston, TX), and Plano Spine Group (Plano, TX).  He returned to TTUHSC in 2004 and 2005 to do a fellowship in orthopedic hand surgery. Since 2006, Marc Wimpee MD has been a Clinical Faculty Member at Texas Tech University School of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics.